The special edition thing is driving me mad

This article is for entertainment reasons only and should not be taken seriously

These days there seems to be getting more and more of them- those oh-so special ‘heritage editions’ and anniversary editions. So much in fact that there seems to be just as much apparently special editions versions of a car than the amount of versions of the normal trims (looking at you, porsche and lotus) for a quick run down on lotus, There were this year’s exige and elise final editions, 2020’s elise bathurst edition, 2020 elise classic heritage edition… you get the idea.

Of course, I’m sure most of these limited edition cars are all very good, but that’s like saying, there are many limited edition tissue box designs ( yes, these really do exist, search it up), and I’m sure they’re all good. It just doesn’t make sense. Here in New Zealand, Mitsubishi recently ran some advertisements (and may still be running them) for a black edition for the ‘all new’ ASX, which as you may know, has just been replaced by a car that looks like a renault. (in no way do I mean this as an insult to Renault, or the Mitsubishi) and this car, the ASX black edition features amazing cutting edge advancements over the normal model! Such as blsck boot lid and wheels, panoramic sunroof standard and um, that’s about it. Actually, there is more. In which when I say more I mean the same because the back edition cost exactly the same as the trim of the ASX it’s based on, which just makes it obvious, and it is, that mitsubishi hasn’t done anything.

And now we move on to the thing that’s been driving me mad: The so-called hommage cars: these new cars dressed up as old cars. Also dressed up as if they were worth half a million, when in reality they should only charge half that. Half. take the 2017 Porsche 911 turbo s exclusive edition (which is apparently something to do with the 930 turbo). The exclusive edition costs £186,916, the standard version? £147,540. So what do you get for your extra 40 grand? Does it go 450-ish kph or accelerate faster than a rimac? No. What do you get for all that extra money then? Well, you get a watch, a few bags and about 28 more horsepower. And bonus, you get a deformed rear spoiler and wee paint. Yes, wee paint. And what’s more, you now get 100 photographers wherever you go! In your face!

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

This brings to mind the age-old adage: Fools and their money are soon parted. It’s all about marketing and making more money the easy way. Not doing anything, or in the case of Porsche – doing less, and charging more. Suckers pay for it to get the latest and greatest. Then in two years they do it again, throwing away the value of an entire car every two times they do this. It doesn’t make financial or practical sense but then again, cars are not practical purchases or we’d all be driving VW bugs (The People’s Car). MONEY. And your article brings to light the silliness of this very topic – special editions and homages. Slap on some stickers and call it a day. Add ten grand to price. Cash in. Great formula for minting money.

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