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I don’t know what they were thinking. They had taken a flopping 1000 horsepower, 1600kg flagship supercar, and stuck a wing on the back. And the hallowed XX badge. A badge used for the quickest, most serious Ferraris ever made, such as the FXXK, 599XX and FXX evo, second only to its F1 cars… had found itself on the back of a hideous bright blue monstrosity. Pininfarina wouldn’t have let this happen, but again, that’s probably why Ferrari left them, they wanted to trade in class for tasteless money. 

One of the great manufacturers, Ferrari, makers of some of the most desirable cars ever made, has been, there’s no other word, flopping. I blame it on John Elkann. Upon others. Namely, Investors. When Ferrari went public, its opened them up to people who knew nothing about cars, and ran companies based on finances. Hopping on trends, not creating them. We start my journey of frustration with art. Ferraris used to be art. Now, worryingly, they are science. Of course, there is nothing wrong with flirting with the cutting edge of technology on your road car, but there comes a point when enough is enough. What I mean is, the likes of SF90 XX upon others seals the fact the Ferrari has moved away from wanting to be the childhood poster car and is now clinging onto market share through the sheer breathe of its own name. Over the last few years, Ferrari started panicking, since Lamborghini was bought by VW (1998) and modern McLaren took place with the 12C (2010). So, Ferrari made the Purosangue, SF90 and Roma, cars that, without the Mclaren GT (now replaced with the GTS)and Lamborghini urus would not have existed. Modern Ferraris rightly simply fail to make me, and others, feel the same desire to own as other supercars. 

… which brings me on to the 456 GT. The reason I cite it as the last of the best is because that was the last car that, in my opinion, was Ferrari making their own car, not making a car to compete with something else. Every other Ferrari since then, As far as I’m concerned, was made in response to another car. Even the Daytona- The idea of a  LaFerrari chassis and engine without the electric motors, was, I reckon, was after Ferrari caught wind of McLaren Sabre, a P1 without its electric motors. Not that Lamborghini is an entirely innocent brand either. In fact, the only brand that’s really stayed true to themselves is Porsche. I might not like them very much, but those are clever people. That’s why they are VW group’s most valuable company, not Lamborghini or Bentley. Even Bugatti and Rimac fall short. 

At this point, I want to back to that bright blue monstrosity, the SF90 XX spider, a car which I would say is Ferrari’s worst of the 21st century. I said that Pininfarina wouldn’t have let this happen, but I suspect Di Montezomolo wouldn’t have either, He had class and taste, and as a result, every car he signed off looked amazing, the F12, 360, Enzo to name some, and yet just years into the term of John Elkann, we’ve been given the 12 Cilindri and Sf90 XX, two cars which, in my opinion, show how far astray Ferrari has gone from classically good looks. And I don’t care what anyone says about that Daytona SP3, because that’s ugly as well. And anyway, like I said, a mere copy of the McLaren Sabre. 

If the 12Cilindri was announced as a Valour rival, or even inspired by the Countach, it would have been brilliant. Ferrari’s first new hit of the modern era. But no, they used it to replace the 812. That’s not right. Put it this way, if the new Countach replaced the Aventador, we’ll still be complaining, but because it wasn’t, we liked the car. Quite simply, homage styling has no place for a car designed to offer a insight into a company’s future, Could you image the DBS replacement Vanquish looking like a Victor? no. Valour? Makes sense, a enthusiast’s car, no less. That’s the thing, enthusiast car. Unless you’re a hard-core car enthusiast, you’ll be forgiven for not understanding homage styling, truth is, however much us people like it, it doesn’t exactly appeal to the masses. Ferrari doesn’t seem to understand that. Upon other things. Like the Purosangue. FUV, Blah, Blah Blah. Utter nonsense. Limited production every year? Yeah, that too. 

Currently, there are people who buy a Ferrari for the sake of Ferrari. They don’t think about rivals or other options, but in 20 years time, I suspect that won’t be the case, not if Ferrari is consistently missing the mark, then people might just go and buy a Aston instead. If Enzo Ferrari was around, he’ll have killed himself.

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