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There’s no doubt that DriveTribe was one of the most engaging spaces for car culture. It didn’t really matter what our interests were as long as they were connected to the automotive world. DriveTribe gave us a community. A space to share our thoughts and engage with similarly-minded people. A space for us to make a foray into the automotive content creation scene. We will always be grateful for that–even if it taketh away when it shut down earlier this year.

As a result most of us didn’t really know what to do with that news. We were trying to find our own footing any way we could, anywhere we could. Some of us did. Others are still searching for that digital automotive home. Many opportunities came about, which is great, and we will always be open to working with and promoting other outlets. But the sense of community seemed fractured and diminished. Thus, it became a mission of ours to rebuild that community with the hope to expand it and invite people into the fold who may otherwise have not known how far reaching this community is.

Enter PRNDL.

We’re an all-in-one media platform made for folks who are not only into cars, but everything as it relates to the automotive lifestyle. Whether you’re into the latest news or motorsport, NASCAR or DIYing your way around your cheap buy, or maybe even just adventures and traveling. Whatever it may be, there’s a home for you at PRNDL.

It’s a space where you can sign-up and create your own content, share your thoughts, engage with other members, make new friends, learn new things or just browse the work and musings of your peers and follows.

Content Types

There’s really two types of content you can create on PRNDL.

1. Activity Posts

This is meant to be more social and casual short form content. Think of it like a status update on Facebook or a Tweet. You can of course add photos, links, videos, and gifs. You also have the option to add a poll for your own network.

Friends and other members can interact with it by either liking or commenting. You can mention other members or post on their feeds, just as they can do to you. You get to control who sees it with the built-in privacy settings. It’s really as simple as that.

2. Multi-form Posts

This is the one former DriveTribers will be most familiar with and will surely make their home.

It’s multi-form, meaning there are several different formats of posts you can create. Whether you want to share a story, write some news and opinions, create a more public poll, post a couple different types of quizzes, you’ll find that this is the space to get that done.

It’s meant to be more long form content, with exception of the specialty posts of course.

Creating Content (Multiform)

Creating content on PRNDL couldn’t be easier thanks to the Creator Studio. Here you’ll be able to choose which type of post you’ll like to create. Currently we support the following post types:

Creator Studio post options

To access the Creator Studio, you have several options. On your Home Screen alone there’s three!

Creator Studio in Menu

Left Sidebar Menu

In the sidebar menu, there’s a menu icon to access the Creator Studio.

Right Sidebar Activity Feed

On the right side of your Activity Feed, there’s a blue button that’ll take you to the Creator Studio as well.

Quick Access

Quick Access

Now you might notice a blue circle at the bottom right corner of every page, following you along. That’s the Quick Access tool. Clicking on this brings up those same post creation options from anywhere on the site.

Profile Blog Create Button

When you go to your Profile, there’s a tab titled Blog, here you’ll be able to see your published posts, edit them, add a new ones by the buttons included in the section.

Hope this helps you on your way to creating! Don’t worry, we’ll be putting together a How To section on the site in case you ever forget.

The creation options in your profile


Groups are currently in the process of being made. Right now there’s just one group originally created as a tester, ALL REVIEWS. If you’d like to request a group be sure to send a message in the Discord and we’ll have people react to get a sense of how much interest there is for that group as well as run it against the dynamic list we have to make sure there’s no overlap.

Community Feedback is the result of long days and sleepless nights, but that work still has a ways to go. New features are continuously being added. Bugs are being debugged. And feedback is very much welcome.

We can’t wait to see all your creativity! Let’s build a great community!

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