Don't be this person

<rant>On an interstate highway with signs that instruct slower vehicles to stay in the right-hand lane *and* explicitly admonish drivers against impeding traffic, this person has been straddling the lane divider for more than a mile before a merge in a construction area, like some misguided Karen on wheels.  This “Fuck you, I’m first!” attitude is just childish.  Driving is not a contest or game.  If you can’t control your emotions on the road any better than this person, hand your keys to someone who can.  </rant>

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Álvaro Martínez
1 year ago

I know these pretty well, it is often people with Napoleon Syndrome who buy pickup trucks even if they don’t live on rural areas, need extra space for equipment or even work in construction. The bigger car often gives them the illusion of power.

When it comes to tailgaters the most effective way to have fun with them is simply letting go of the gas instead of tapping the brakes, if they don’t back off I always rest the foot on the brake just enough for the lights to turn on and hit the hazzards. 90% of the time they wisely back off, the other 10% they overtake agressively almost crashing against the other side of the road.

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