I’m back!

Just quickly, I know this is long, i got a bit excited to be writing again. A summary is at the bottom if you don’t want to read all of this!

After nearly a year long hiatus, I have returned unlike Mika Hakkinen who is yet to return from his sabbatical. In summary, the reason why I stopped posting anywhere other than instagram is pretty much, I didn’t feel motivated to do so.

After drivetribe ended, I lost the enjoyment of writing so I thought I’d take a short break which turned into an even longer break due to some big exams (GCSEs).

These exams + revision/prep lasted months so by the time I had gained the interest in writing again as well as the time to do so, I forgot about this great place. It was only when an old friend from drive tribe and someone who still uses OPPO messaged me which reminded me of here, so thanks to them!

I suppose I should give a summary of what I’ve been up to over these many months and give an idea of the sort of things I’ll be writing in the near and far future.

Since I left here, I obviously had my GCSE exams and for the non-British people, they are a set of important exams which determine which college or sixth form you got to. These last a few months but the preparation and focus starts a while before. Anyways, I got the grades I got the grades I needed to get to where I wanted to go to. I’ll admit they were pretty mediocre grades (eight 6s, one 7 and a 5 (this is equivalent to almost all Bs, an A and a C)) but they did what I needed them to do.

Another big step that is non-car related is my new found dream and goal. I had no real aspirations or passions (other than cars) but lockdown created a want to fly and be a pilot for me and that brewed and brewed and now I’m finally acting on it. I’m still in the early stages but I’ve joined the RAF Air Cadets with the hope to join University Air Squadrons later on. I also have a mentor at British Airways and hopefully will be able to get advice from my neighbours son (who is a pilot).

Now for the car stuff, in terms of driving, not much has happened. Since I drove that Bentley a while ago (which I still feel excited and happy about when thinking of it), I sadly haven’t had the chance to drive, although I hope to start lessons as soon as I turn 17 which will be at the start of March. Although driving is of course a main part of being a self proclaimed petrol head, I have managed to keep the passion alive thanks to car shows and car museums of which I’ve visited quite a few over the year.

Along with this, I also did a passenger experience in a Mercedes AMG GTR Pro which was nothing short of thrilling and spectacular!

Leading from this, I’ll explain some of the main things I plan on posting here. I will be writing reviews of the places I visited along with my thoughts and of course photos and since they happened a while ago, I can write them after the initial excitement is gone and be honest. That said, they will be very positive! That will consume most of my upcoming posts and will give me time to think about what else I want to write however I already have an idea or two.

Anyways, I doubt you missed me but I must say its good to be back and I look forward to becoming part of this great community!

In summary, I’m back after exams and other things but I’m back with a passion for writing again as well as a new passion and dream to be a pilot. Despite this, my love of cars still remains a never ending flame!

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

Hell yeah, Logan!!!! Most excellent! So, you want to be a pilot? Great goal. Not only a great goal but you have started down the correct path toward that goal. That’s how it’s done. Now stay with it. getting to 80% is easy. That last 20% is where excellence is made. Keep with that goal and push to 100%!!!!
AMG-GTR … do tell. We need more than just thrilling, Logan. Spill it. Full write-up for homework on PRNDL.

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