Tesla owners to sue Tesla’s monopoly over repairs & maintenance.

When it comes to bring our car for a routine checkup or a much needed repair, we have the choice of going directly to the official worskhop for our car’s manufacturer or head over to an independent workshop in our town. The same however can’t be said about America’s most popular BEV vehicle brand, which has gotten sued by two Tesla owners for monopolizing maintenance services for their cars… which are also extremely expensive.

Acording to Bloomberg, these two Tesla customers were really fed up by both the millionaire costs of the repairs and the long waiting times of the american brand. In addition to both problems, Tesla only allows maintenance and repairs on their vehicles to be done at the official service of the brand. And although the customers are satisfied with the vehicles, the issues have generated anger on the Tesla community. 

The insane costs & the right to repair. 

Some might think that… the claim that a battery replacement on a Tesla costing 16-22Kk is an outrageous claim, that I’m funded by big oil companies… However we have the case of Rich Rebuilds which has helped more than one Tesla owner to repair their vehicles, batteries that Tesla charges $16k to replace…may only cost $700 to 1.5k$ to repair if it is just a small piece, just like a 0,70 cent faulty cooling line that the Sofware identified as a worn down battery pack.

We as well have the case of Youtuber duo Pommijätkät (bomb dudes) that helped a Finnish Tesla owner to face the 17k$ repair bill of his Tesla model S, not by helping him pay the bill through a crowdfunding effort but… By hooking it to 66 pounds of Dynamite and spreading pieces of it all over Finland in one huge fireball, And in a way… it’s a unconmon but incredible way to deal with the problem. 

As a final note on this issue, I have to declare that as long companies like Tesla ignore the right to repair, they will always be the center of the controversy. Just like Apple not offering spare parts for their Ipods and instead telling customers to buy a new Ipod? It all changes the moment that a huge profit-cutting fine looms over the companies for them to suddenly switch policies. 

And we better hope that in the future… to be freely allowed to work in our BEVs even if we do it badly. 


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