The lifestyle of…furries?

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Everyone has a hobby right? some do like cars, others collect postage stamps.. and others simply feel like dressing up as their favorite characters from videogames or movies, Furries however are known for liking anthropomorphic characters, Their main defining characteristics usually are the characters being humanoid in shape but half animals… just like Robin hood, Walter Raccoon or the Chip and Dale duo… to name a few!

Furries are known for having formed a community due to their common interests, just like those who are interested in movies or anime. Each furry as well owns a “fursona” just like every car enthusiast has the vision of the perfect car for themselves. Fursonas can be a safe way for furries to explore who they are as people, as well it can help facilitate interactions and result in more overall confidence in social interactions. 

The costumes & the community on itself.

As well, furries are known for wearing costumes, although not many own one and much less wear them all the time… Hell! much less they identify as animals, just like in the same way that cosplayers at anime conventions don’t identify as the character they are cosplaying as. As well their costumes can have a lot of quirks and features comparable to the most well engineered Mercedes benz.

Some of the costumes known as “fursuits” are phenomenally engineered, fans, cooling packs, led lights… there’s even some costumes that have animatronic parts that permit its wearer to move independently parts of the costume as the wings, jaws, ears… But they can’t exactly wear them all the time. Their costumes known as fursuits are only worn in special occasions. Be it a parade, meet up, convention… regardless of when, it will always be a special occasion for them to wear it.

Furries are also known for their kindness and their charm, always willing to make others have a good time and cheer them up. Prominent furries like “Telephone” (which is some sort of equine dragon) or “Majira” are known for their cheerful in character interactions with the general public, not to mention that as well that the furry community has been known for their overwhelming generosity. Often reaching the 1M$ dollar mark in charity donations at conventions, for the most underprivileged people in our society.

So… what Do I think about this lifestyle?

For me, this curious internet community is certainly something out of the ordinary. Quite dedicated to their hobby and everything in between, just like petrolheads that care for every little detail on their cars so they are squeaky clean or perform at the best of their capabilities. Not to mention extremely friendly, considering the heaps of help from other furries that asisted me when writing this lifestyle piece.

Even then, I feel that this piece is certainly small. There’s too many details and stuff that I have omitted about this curious lifestyle, since there’s not enough space on the website… Even then, the community certainly caught my interest and attention. Granted that you can attend their conventions to learn more or inform yourself through the webs but…

I can’t help but feel they’re not that weird as the mainstream media or the internet forums depict them, hell there’s some car guys who are also big fans of soccer and expend huge amounts of money in memorabilia and merchandising of our favorite team or player… Just like everything else, It has a good side and a bad side like coins. However… one last question remains for me.

What will be the next lifestyle I should talk about?

P:S- if you’re interested on both cars and furries don’t forget to check out @xavierfoxcarfur in Instagram!


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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

Great piece!
I always rolled my eyes at this group, not in judgement, but more dismissal. To each their own, was my take on it. I did realize how engineered the costumes are. Fans and cooling packs along with animatronic parts? WOW!
My question is, how do they fit into the car scene? I’m sure some furries like cars. Duh. But is there a furry car scene? I can’t imagine it would be easy to drive a car in one but do they do shows? I saw the picture above. Is that a typical sample of the types of furry representation at car shows?

David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

I did NOT realize how engineered the costumes are. Couldn’t edit.

David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

Yes, I see why you ran out of space!!!! I had NO idea they were engineered to this level. I fully understand the cooling. I wore a Barney costume at Halloween one year for kids. It was SO hot I ended up dehydrated and almost passed out. Makes a lot of sense to keep it cool inside.
As far as what you describe in the comment above, HOLY BAT SUIT. A screen and speaker? Voice modulation sounds pretty darn cool, actually. Now I have a bit more interest in this community. Less of a freak show and more all-out fun. I’m aware of the freak aspect. We don’t need to discuss that here. The car show sounds fun because I bet the rides are tricked out in similar fashion and probably have some great airbrushing. May have to find some furry car pix to see what the score is.

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