Art of Super Speedway racing 


Drafting is where you link up to a car in a symbiotic relationship. The car ahead is pushing the air creating a pocket of air for the car behind yet the car behind is lifting the air in a smooth fashion meaning turbulent air isn’t reducing speed. When done right it can take you from last row to first but must be together to work.

Side drafting

Side drafting isn’t gaining an advantage where you gain more speed but where you put another driver at a disadvantage by moving close to their side where the air you are pushing away gets pushed onto another driver making them slower.


Unlike most sports where it’s every team for themselves, speedway racing you make ally’s to get better results like Tony Stewart and Earnhardt Jr. most times it’s by manufacturers where you pit together so when leaving pit lane you’ll leave together pushing each other to catch the cars on track.

Pack racing

Because you’re inches from each other, getting loose or any bit of losing speed can cause you to go from first to last as you’ll get swallowed up by the pack, you also are at Risk of being collected in “the big one” which is when one driver hits another blocking the rest of the pack collecting multiple drivers in a crash.


On the restarts, the right amount of throttle is important as too little and the pack will swallow you, too much and you’ll overpower the wheels meaning instead of transferring power to speed and you’re wheels are working together with your engine, your wheels are fighting the power and you your car losing speed.


With the banked corners, there’s lanes from the high end to low end. The right set can be the different of spinning out, slamming into the wall and nailing the corner. Too tight means the driver is fighting to turn the car understeering and too loose means the driver is fighting to keep the car straight oversteering.

Track position

Being in the right place at the right time matters, doesn’t matter if most the time you were in last place, as long as you’re in first by either stage end or the checkered’re strategy will be what puts you there, sometimes you sacrifice your current position to save tire wear and gas so you can push later on and doesn’t matter how good a driver you are. it’s a marathon and to finish first, first you have to finish.

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