Electrify America’s Enhanced EV Charging Experience

Electrify America announced this week a new vision for the future of EV Charging as the country ramps up its shift to electric mobility.

Next-generation fast chargers will sport a slimmer, streamlined design, an improved touch screen interface, a new cable management systems, and will deliver power at a higher rate (of 500 amps).

While adding new, high-power delivering chargers has always been part of the company’s plan, Electrify America is committing more resources to improving the customer experience as they charge up their cars. The company will add design and comfort at their upcoming charging locations, diverging from traditional gas stations and adopting the idea that recharging is akin to a rest stop.

Solar canopies, awnings, customer lounges and waiting areas will be paired with other consumer-focused services at select locations across the United States. Flagship charging locations in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, Beverly Hills and New York City will be some of the first to receive these upgrades in EA’s attempt to showcase these spaces to the public.

According to the press release, the company has already installed solar canopies at the Baker and Santa Barbara locations, including additional lighting for safety and security.

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