Evasive Motorsports’ Honda S2000R Is A Restomod For The Fast & Furious Generation

Well, looky here. Just like that, I have a new favorite car.

Prominent California-based tuner and performance parts retailer, Evasive Motorsports, has unveiled their latest project, the Honda S2000R. And the best part is this fresh take on top-notch restomodding will be produced and made available for public consumption. So, at last, the generation raised on Need For Speed, Fast & Furious, and Gran Turismo have a carbon-clad reimagination to call their own, a Millenial/Gen-Z’s Singer or Gunther Werks, if you would.

According to Evasive Motorsports, the S2000R is essentially a modern interpretation of what an S2000 Type R would be. It’s certainly an ambitious and noteworthy project, to say the least, especially given that there was never an official S2000 Type R, not in Japan or any market. The closest any market ever got was the S2000CR (Club Racer) from 2008.

“Given our 20 years of experience working with and tuning the S2000, we sought to modernize the platform and create an R version ourselves,” states Evasive on the S2000R’s dedicated site. “The concept was realized from focusing on these points: a modern engine, updated appearance, weight savings, and superior handling.”

Motivating the S2000R is the last-gen FK8 Civic Type R’s K20C 2.0-liter turbo-four, modified to be longitudinally mounted for a rear-drive platform and enhanced with a Mugen intake, titanium Origin Fab exhaust, and a new intake manifold. In addition, a larger radiator and a new oil cooler have been fitted, and the transmission is the same S2000 gearbox mated to the Civic engine via a modified bell housing. Power ratings haven’t yet been disclosed, but it’s fair to assume it’ll be a healthy step up from the Civic Type R’s 306 horsepower and a far cry from the AP2 S2000’s 240. Such power will be routed to an OS Giken limited-slip diff. 

Suspension takes the form of KW Clubsports, and the chassis has been refreshed with new bushings, a bump steer kit, an extra chassis brace, and Eibach sway bars. Brakes are six-piston Brembos up front and four-pistons out back clamping on two-piece slotted rotors.

Wheels are larger and wider EVS Tuning 52Rs, crafted as reimaginings of the stock S2000 wheels and wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN Neovas AD09s measuring 255/35/18. And Hondaphiles will appreciate the use of the 20th Anniversary S2K‘s front bumper for the S2000R.

Inside lies plenty of track rat novelties to remind you this is no ordinary S2K. Door cards are carbon, as are the ultra-thin, fixed-back Recaro buckets that look straight out of a McLaren Senna. The seat paddings are red, as is the fabric on the shift knob, and the Motec digital dash features an amazing caricature of the modern Civic’s gauge layout. 

Alright, so using plenty of known aftermarket suppliers, both on the surface and under the hood, may not fully qualify it as a Japanese-American Singer, but it’s pretty darn close. What we’re left with will undoubtedly be a bulletproof-reliable rocketship that thrusts a modern classic into the 2020s. And being the lovechild of a company that knows its way around raucous tuners and race-worthy aftermarket parts, there’s no doubt that the S2000R will drive as epic as it looks standing still. 

Now, about any sort of price. What kind of deal can you cut me, Evasive?

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

WOW! That’s a very clean looking S2000R!!! Not sure my spine could handle such a thing but I’d SURE like to give it a bashing. That sounds like a hoot on paper. Yummy!
My guess, given the spec sheet … 400hp. That would put in squarely into the game. That’s the magic number. Bravo Evasive!! Now for the ugly … what’s that bad boi gonna set me back?

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