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Sony Honda Mobility debut Afeela EV at CES

After Sony unveiled an electric car concept at CES exactly three years ago, Sony is back at CES to reveal its new electric car brand, Afeela, which in partnership with Honda will produce cutting-edge electric vehicles with advanced features and technologies. The joint venture, known as Sony Honda Mobility, is now showcasing a new concept vehicle that will bear the Afeela badge and offers a glimpse into what to expect from the brand in the future.

Sony Honda Mobility.

The concept vehicle, which looks reasonably different from the original Sony concepts, is a sleek fastback with a satin gray paint finish. The exterior design is characterized by its minimalist and clean lines, which are devoid of any creases or sharp lines, making it look quite aerodynamic. At the front of the car, there is a “Media Bar” screen that sits between the headlights, which can be personalized and display all kinds of information.

Sony Honda Mobility.

The car’s interior is similarly minimalist with a collage of screens spanning the dashboard, which include two digital replacements for the side-view mirrors. The rear seats feature individual screens for passengers, which Sony claims will offer all kinds of entertainment options. Although it’s unclear whether Sony plans to include PlayStation hardware as part of the infotainment arrangement, Sony has partnered with Epic Games to develop entertainment options.

Sony Honda Mobility.

One of the car’s notable features is its advanced safety systems, which are being developed by Honda using 45 cameras and sensors designed by Sony. The car will also feature Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, allowing for semi-autonomous driving in some situations, although drivers will still need to pay attention in certain conditions, such as urban driving.

While no details about the car’s battery or motor specifications were revealed, Sony confirmed that the Afeela concept vehicle is all-wheel drive and uses a dual-motor layout, with a rear-drive favored powertrain arrangement as the wider rear tires would suggest. As is common with many Honda cars, the Afeela concept employs a double-wishbone suspension up front, while the rear has an independent multilink setup.

Sony Honda Mobility.

Afeela cars will be sold primarily online, with pre-orders for the production model expected to begin in the first half of 2025. Finalized orders will be taken towards the end of that year, as the first deliveries to North American buyers are scheduled for 2026. The cars will be built at a Honda facility in North America.

Sony and Honda’s joint venture is part of a wider trend in the auto industry, as traditional tech companies increasingly move into the automotive space. With the rise of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions from established tech companies. As a result, Afeela’s entry into the electric vehicle market is sure to shake things up and bring exciting new options for consumers.

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