A manual Toyota Supra

There have been some rumours out for a while, but now it is certain, you will soon be able to control the gears of your Toyota Supra yourself!  Adding a manual transmission to choose from in this world full of automatic cars is amazing news. Toyota posted a teasing photo of three pedals on Twitter with the caption “Did you think we were done?” and hashtags #Supra #Manual. You don’t need to a genius  solve this puzzle, Toyota is going to make an manual supra!

Toyota can relatively easily equip the Supra with a manual gearbox because the powertrain comes from BMW. BMW has the 3 and 4 series whose 3 litre engine comes in a manual. It would make sense that the 3 liter supra is going to get the manual gearbox. This model of the supra has 340 HP and 500 NM. The 2 liter supra with 258 HP en 400 NM is a bit less likely to get the manual but also shouldn’t be to hard to make a manual transmission for the 2 liter model too.

So far we only know that there is going to be a manual supra in the near future. The specs are only my speculations and Toyota has not confirmed anything about it yet. But with the recent announcement of a GR Corolla which is amazing, I can expect that Toyota is trying their best to make this manual supra one of the most fun cars to drive on the current market.

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

Oh HELL YES! The cars gods ARE listening and have shined light upon us mortals with a blessing from above!!!!!!

Jan PL
1 year ago

Hell yeah! The Supra was always a brilliant looking car now it also comes with a manual! That’s what happens when an enthusiast is the CEO of a brand, you know great stuff’s coming!

Harsha B.
1 year ago

This is a massive w from toyota

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