Some thoughts on the Ferrari purosangue

Many years ago, Ferrari CEO (At the time) Luca condero di montezemolo said, when asked if Ferrari will ever make a SUV, said “you will have to shoot me first”. And he’s not the only Ferrari CEO to say that either. (Sergio marchionne said something similar as well)

Which is why, in order to spare the lives of two men, strictly said this, the new purosangue is not a SUV, but in fact a sports car. Not a SUV that is, when the car is aimed at the Lamborghini urus, which is a SUV. But moving on, the big Ferrari will sprint from 0-100 in 3.5 seconds and will keep going til 310 kph. For a good measure, the Lamborghini urus performante does 0-100 in 3.3 seconds and tops out at 306 kph (I find it interesting that Ferrari let it be slower, especially with the 715bhp v12). 

But the most interesting feature here is probably the suicide doors, which how ever cool it is, probably isn’t the most practical thing in the world. But it is very, very cool. Although its not as cool as the fact that it has all the clever Ferrari trickery like the independent rear suspension, slide-slip control, carbon fiber as far as the eye can see and that smart chassis thing.

So there. I told you what I think. but what do you think? Comment below!

Ferrari purosangue specs and stuff

0-100kph : 3.5 seconds

Top speed : 306kph

Brake horsepower : 715bhp

Engine : 6.5L v12

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Harsha B.
1 year ago

Its bad but they will sell a lot. Plus the V12 is tempting…

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