2022 F1 car

I was really surprised to see how low the car was.

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

I met Dario Franchitti at the NAIAS in 2007. I was surprised by his diminutive size as well as that of the car itself. Indy car but of similar dimensions. Low and SMALL. How on earth did Nigel Mansel race F1? I’m the same size and I do not fit in these. Maybe he was the “Magic Man”?

Gabi B
1 year ago

Where did you see that?

Álvaro Martínez
1 year ago

I see that they have gone back to covering the hubcaps? the 2022 car feels lower to the ground compared to the cars of past seasons. Although it isn’t as low as my expectations for the performance of the 2022 car since the 2021 model in Abu Dhabi was pretty ashaming. Nowadays with the current gen you don’t see a lot of overtaking, suicidal last second merges or fiery battles before the finish line at the last lap, how much faster the 2022 is? the R25 of Alonso in Abu Dhabi back then made a 1:39 and Hamilton’s time back then was a few ms away from him, in short… Alonso did the third fastest time with a much older car… The cars might look amazing but their stagnant performance doesn’t cut it anymore.F1 might have to REALLY evolve if they want to recover some fans along the excitement for the sport.

Álvaro Martínez
1 year ago
Reply to  SN P

I barely see any overtakes in the televised races. let alone feel that same excitement when a f1 car is literally trailing a slower car for 2.5 laps until they finally find clean air+DRS zone.

I really wish that teams didn’t have to stick to a single shape just for the sake of equality. Different shapes and performances could really spice things up when drivers can actually show their talent.

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