You might already know I love Porsche so when I saw a Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo drive onto my driveway I couldn’t be happier. I hopped into the passenger seat of the Porsche and my first thought was “wow this is amazing”. This wasn’t the first time I drove a Porsche it was not even the first time in a Panamera but nevertheless it was as special as the first time.

We were driving this car to a very special place but let’s talk about the drive rst this car is so incredibly fast we drove in sport plus the whole time that means fast acceleration and brilliant exhaust noice. When full throttle I was pushed into the seat and that was amazing I was smiling the whole drive.

We arrived at the barn with an incredibly huge collection of classic cars that also includes a few Porsche‘s. I entered the barn and I immediately saw an 365 Pre A continental from 1952 only a handful of these continentals were made because Ford had a patent of the name “continental” at the time. It now has a price of around €400.000. I also sat in the car it was hard to get into the driver seat because it’s really small in the cabin of the car.

He also had 2 original 911‘s one targa and one coupe and a 912 I couldn‘t get a good look of these cars because they were stored higher up, all of these were also original. The owner also had another 912, 996 turbo, cayenne turbo and a 914 but these were stored at a dierent location. The daily driver of his wife is an 356 speedster incredible right?! But the speedster was unfortunately at the shop for repainting. But the best car of the collection was my dream car a 930 turbo.

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Logan Page
11 months ago

Wow! That is incredible and so is the collection!

David Olsen-Fabian
11 months ago

Just saw this post. HOLY POOOP!!! That’s one of my favorite longroofs!!!!!!! I REALLY need to hear that sound in person. Internet wearing Sony XM3’s is good but …

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