A new home?

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I can’t remember the exact date but what I do remember is that fateful day where the message boards, posts and home page was filled with the one message that drivetribe was going to end at the end of the month. 

What have I done since then? 

Initially just felt sad and lost. No central hub for anything automotive related and a very large void in my life (and many others). Eventually I accepted it and moved on to other places, non of which had the community and focus drivetribe. I eventually joined Opposite Lock. I appreciate how they let hundreds of us on their website and I still use it and love it! However, it just doesn’t feel the same but I’m still integrating and don’t plan on giving up. 

Then there was Race Director, a very promising new website aimed to be a very similar replacement to drivetribe. The only issue was, it was only built by a few people and was more a hobby so as promising as it is, seems to not be the solution. 

Only recently I downloaded instagram and reminded a lot of old drivetribers that I still existed and got quite a few messages which just made me miss drivetribe due to the community even more. Despite this, I couldn’t have downloaded at a better time. Throttle girl is one of the people who I followed and saw a post about this new place and well, here I am!

I look forward to regrowing a community and being part of its start. My one regret about drivetribe was getting into it so late, now I have the opportunity to be part of something from the beginning! 

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David Olsen-Fabian
2 years ago

I’m STILL not over the loss of the community though this one shows the most promise so far. I have hope for this one especially as more DTers trickle in. Let’s make this one the best!

Dhruv B
2 years ago

I actually thought someone bought a new house

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