Do you like the Lotus Eletre?

What are your thoughts on the latest Lotus?

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David Olsen-Fabian
1 year ago

Looks like a Q5 with a Urus front end. I see two distinct cars in this photo. One in front of the A pillar and another behind. Aggressive out front but mild mannered out back. I guess this makes this the mullet of SUV’s – business out front/party in the rear except this party is for millionaires. 
I like it but then again, I don’t. 

Logan Page
1 year ago

Mixed feelings. It may keep lotus alive as it’ll probably sell quite well like the Urus. Of course I don’t like suvs but as far as suvs go, I don’t hate it. I’m keeping an open mind 

1 year ago

It look too Chinese. great car though, although it’s probably most likely going to be forgotten.

Arran Angus
1 year ago

They’ve managed to make an SUV look (at least a little bit) like a sports car. I like it

Unknown Member
Unknown Member
1 year ago

It’s Horrid

Harsha B.
1 year ago

If this saves lotus, I ain’t complaining . 

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