Lets settle this, which is better?

This debate has been going on for many decades and now it’s time to settle  this matter.

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David Olsen-Fabian
8 months ago

I have the answer we have all been seeking. That answer is this … WHICH EVER ONE YOU LIKE. Personally, I prefer the sound of the howling V10 out back. Both are fast. Both will get your license taken from you if you explore this speed on public roads. Both will do 0-death RIGHT NOW. Both cost more money than I have (maybe my lifetime earnings would buy one) and probably you too. Neither could be serviced in my area – min three-hour haul to Charlotte, NC. So my answer, for me at this time, is a 2003 Toyota Camry!!! Still fast enough to lose my license in VA. Still fast enough to wrap around a tree. Cheap enough, and easy enough to service in town and by yours truly. Are super cars really THAT super? I can-do four-wheel drifts in a front wheel drive Camry at 42mph. Super car that!!!

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