What Type of Car Would You Be?

Cars can be pretty unique. Some are small and fast, others are big and powerful. Let’s see what car matches your personality!

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    While sleeping, you hear some creaking coming from the kitchen downstairs. You…

    • Rev up your chainsaw, it’s robber-sawing time.
    • Bark like a pit bull.
    • Ignore it. It’s probably just the wind.
    • Call the cops at once!
    • Pull the sheets over your head.
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    You realize you forgot to write that big paper due in an hour! You…

    • Ask for a really long extension
    • Put on your sharpest outfit and see if your professor is still interested in a student teacher relationship
    • Sit down and write as fast as you can. And triple space it.
    • Wet your eyes and prepare a story about your dying grand aunt.
    • Print out an erotic story from the Internet.
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    When flipping through TV channels you usually stop when you…

    • See a hot celebrity
    • Can’t stand the Bose anymore and reach for a good book
    • Get to the science channel
    • Get to HBO
    • See “The Real World” is on
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    Your neighbors playing his awful music way too loud. You…

    • Put in earplugs, cry silently, and write a letter to the manager.
    • Learn to enjoy it; it’s kind of catchy actually.
    • Pull the fire alarm and evacuate the entire building.
    • Go knock on his door to tell him his music is both loud and awful
    • Play my music much much louder and put the speaker against the wall
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    If you could be in the circus you would like to be a(n)…

    • Clown
    • Ringmaster
    • Magician
    • Animal trainer
    • Elephant
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    Your internship in the city lets you out an hour early, leaving you with some time to kill. You go…

    • Clubbing
    • Shopping
    • To see that blockbuster you’ve been waiting for
    • Try out a new restaurant.
    • Home to catch up on sleep.
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    Your mother side of the family is coming over for dinner, but you haven’t had time to clean the house yet! You…

    • Just smile really big. What’s important is that family is together.
    • Put a tablecloth in the backyard. Voila a picnic!
    • Welcome them to your Cleaning and Cooking Party
    • Call catering and a maid service
    • Do your best to dust and throw together some sort of leftover medley
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    If you could live the life of one of these actors who would it be?

    • Reese Witherspoon
    • George Clooney
    • Johnny Depp
    • Judi Dench
    • Bruce Willis
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    You agree to me a blind date at a nice restaurant to wet when they arrive you realize they are three times your age! You…

    • Explain you’re uncomfortable and apologize profusely
    • Make subtle jokes throughout the night
    • Scream and run
    • Smile politely and wait for the emergency call
    • Try to seduce them for some expensive food

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Eddie Brooks
2 years ago

Enzo! So, I suppose I’m fun and pretty but my maintenance costs are outrageous. Wait—that’s not me! 😉

2 years ago

I got a mini! Not something I would want

Arran Angus
2 years ago

Volvo Station Wagon, If it were an 850r I would be happy

Gabriel Caramet
2 years ago

Euh I got the Hummer limo 😂

Kjell Ouwendijk
2 years ago

Prius 😐

Max K
2 years ago

Same lol

Unknown Member
Unknown Member
2 years ago

Mini Cooper🏁

Pymouth Superbird
2 years ago

I got an H2 Limousine. Don’t really like it, but great quiz!

Kim Minchan
2 years ago

I got THE PRIUS lol u kidding me I freakin love this car

2 years ago

Prius bruh -_-

Eddie Brooks
2 years ago

Yep…that tracks. 😁

Logan Page
2 years ago

My favourite Ferrari, the Enzo!

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