My thoughts on the 2022 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

(Credit: Porsche)

My friends dad is a massive petrol head, so much so that his first car was a Lotus Elise Mk1. Very impressive! I’m not sure of his entire car history but I do know his love for Porsche started in 1997 when the Boxster was first released. He wanted it so much that two years later he bought one (thanks to his job as a surgeon). This led him on a long and possibly never ending love of Porsche. He’s had newer Boxsters, a 997 Carrera, a 991 GT3 and Cayman GT4 (and maybe some more). His newest arrival is a 992 Carrera GTS. 

(Credit: Me from the passengers seat)

You may remember that my only other Porsche experience was my uncles immense 996 GT3 RS (which I still smile about when I think about). Before that experience though, my image of Porsche was essentially, the best daily driver. Comfortable, luxurious (to some extent), with good build quality and of course, speed. A car that I like to think of as a tame lion. Like a little kitty cat but on command can attack viscously, but controlled nonetheless. This is exactly what the GTS was like to me. 

It was very comfortable with a mileage of 14 for city and 25 for longer journeys, not the best but pretty good for a sports car. The feeling of it was like any other well built car but when a gap in the traffic was found, it really pulled and when there was a roundabout or corner, it really gripped. The seats were both comfortable and held you well in those corners. Other things such as the technology/speakers also were very impressive and the rear seats were not awful. The front boot also could fit three fairly large backpacks, not bad!  

Finally, the engine was amazing. Almost unnoticeable in comfort but then in sport, it respectfully makes a noise that puts a smile on your face certainly not uncouth like a Lamborghini. 

So, did the car make me want one immediately like the 996 GT3 RS? No however I think the speed and experience of that just ruined my mind in a good way. The Carrera GTS is a car made for drivers to have a pleasurable and comfortable experience on the way to work and then have fun with on the way home or at the weekends! 

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Kjell Ouwendijk
2 years ago

I agree, the gt3 is more fun and exiting to dive but having comfort is nice too. I also prefer the GT3 great article as always Logan!

David Olsen-Fabian
2 years ago

Excellent! Very well written. I love reading pieces about personal experiences. It gives one and idea of what it was actually like. Not a sterile breakdown of the car itself. We can go the Porsche website and see that info. This is real world experience even if from the shotgun position. Great stuff!!!!!
I’ve ridden in and driven air-cooled 911’s but not a water-cooled. It’s something I would like to experience having been around every version of the air-cooled, my favorite being the 993, of course. But given the coin I would have a 992 Targa. Full stop.

David Olsen-Fabian
2 years ago
Reply to  Logan Page

You are welcome. Can’t wait to see more articles from you!

Harsha B.
1 year ago

I quite like it, but the front bumper just doesn’t work for me 🙁

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