Hi guys, I’m back!

Uhh, so how should I start this? Maybe with a basic introduction I guess. Hi guys, my name is Jan and I come from Poland and currently live in Germany. Some of you maybe remember me as Jan 🇵🇱 from Drivetribe. While I’ve kept my PFP, as you can see I’ve ditched the Polish flag and replaced it with a simple PL, the short form for my country, as with the flag emoji it wasn’t possible to tag me. Just like all of you I was devastated over the end of Drivetribe and tried to find a new place for communicating with other petrolheads and posting my articles, but never quite found something that gave me the same feeling Drivetribe did. With a lot of people I already know here, I hope this is the best place for me. I also should thank Dávid Lakatoš for informing me of this place’s existence, much thanks! So to sum it up, I think I’m going to continue publishing posts of the same kind I did on Drivetribe, so mainly news articles and some more or less complex quizzes and polls. DM’s are of course always open if you would like to chat with me! I’m still trying to figure out how everything works here, but I like the similarities with Drivetribe and I am sure I’ll feel right at home here, or as we poles say, like a fish in the water. I am looking forward to post here and hope we’ll have a great time here together!  

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2 years ago


Unknown Member
Unknown Member
2 years ago


Nicholas Matthews
2 years ago

Glad to see you here! I do remember you from DriveTribe as well. I’ll be sticking around here for good. Not many other places like this one.👍

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