So, Porsche and Audi?

VW have announced their commitment to Formula One with an announcement that they will be fielding an entry for both Audi and Porsche in 2026 – to coincide with the new engine regulations – and that can only be a good thing for Formula One, the more the merrier it seems. But is it great news or a source of many problems – here are my thoughts…

Porsche and Audi are well known in the worlds of motorsport, with a reputation in endurance racing, Dakar, GT3 and Formula E, and Formula One seems a natural addition to that impressive portfolio. It is, to many, the pinnacle of motorsport and should therefore have the foremost automotive manufacturers representing themselves.

A further benefit to having another arena for young, talented drivers as there are far more drivers who have the skills for Formula One but cannot secure a seat, many have found themselves in the same quagmire that Oscar Piastri currently finds himself in. An extra two seats on the grid is music to any Formula Two driver’s ears.

However, for all the advantages of Formula One entry there are plenty of reasons why it is not a good idea for VW to pursue Formula One. Such a reason is the possible public relations disaster. Imagine the scenario: an Audi and a Porsche in an Formula One race (at Hockenheim???) and they collide, massive crash (Max on Lewis at Monza level), how do VW respond? How would it work? Do they work together? Is it going to be unimaginably weird? Furthermore, what if they are absolutely terrible and it has a detrimental effect on road car sales – you never know.

Another issue is that there is a sizeable cost associated with Formula One entry, despite the cost cap, hundreds of millions are required to have a good go at Formula One. VW have many areas in which investment could be used and used effectively, is Formula One the best use of their capital?

I don’t know if Formula One is the right direction for VW but seeing Porsche on the grid will be great.

Do comment your thoughts below.

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1 year ago

In my opinion, audi is already involved in to many things (you read that right) audi already has: dakar, upcoming lemans 2023, TCR, GT4, GT3, GT2, customer racing and some new gymkana video (audi teamed up with ken block). oh, and audi is planning on even more. and then following that will be special editions. and special editions are the worst . anyway, VW group dosen’t need two teams on the grid because that would be stupid. (now insert everthing again but with the word audi replaced with porsche and other bits taken out and in to make sense)

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